SoundCloud: Octave Minds - In Silence (Free Download) by Octave Minds (Octave Minds)
Chron: Blues legend Johnny Winter dies at 70 in Zurich

GENEVA (AP) Texas blues icon Johnny Winter, who rose to fame in the late 1960s and '70s for his energetic performances and musical collaborations including with childhood hero Muddy Waters, has died. The statement said his wife, family and bandmates were all saddened by the loss of one of the world's finest guitarists. Winter, who was instantly recognizable for his long white hair, worked with some of the greatest bluesmen, producing several albums for Waters and recording with John Lee Hooker.

Good bye Johnny ... :-(
Theguardian: Mogwai - Come On Die Young bonus material: Exclusive stream (Guardian music)

It's 15 years since Mogwai released their seminal second album, Come On Die Young. The anniversary has given Chemikal Underground a neat excuse not just to reissue it, but do so as a 4LP boxset featuring over an hour's worth of bonus material.

That material includes previously unreleased takes of songs such as Waltz For Aidan and Christmas Steps, a couple of unreleased tracks – Satchel Panzer and Spoon Test - and a handful of rarities, Nick Drake and Hugh Dallas among them.

Npr: John Grant: Tiny Desk Concert (Bob Boilen)

July 13, 2014by BOB BOILEN • John Grant's songs don't mess around: The music isn't complicated, while the lyrics function as darts of retort and thought. His album Pale Green Ghosts is decorated with synthesizers, his voice often drenched in reverb; those tools and textures help make the record strong and everlasting.

So when Grant came to the Tiny Desk with just an acoustic guitarist — and wanted to play piano himself — I feared that the power of the songs I'd come to love wouldn't translate amid such bare sounds. I was wrong, and his music was just right. The lyrics rush forward and hit hard. Try this line from the first song he performs, "Where Dreams Go to Die":

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Interpol have shared the video "All The Rage Back Home", which is the lead track from the forthcoming El Pintor.
It was co-directed by singer Paul Banks and Sophia Peer.

YouTube: Interpol - All The Rage Back Home (InterpolVEVO)
Amazing band from the mid 1980s.
is a must have.

Thequietus: The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | Getting Off The Bus: Stump Interviewed

Colm McCauliffe speaks to the cult Anglo-Irish avant rock band Stump about their brief history and a new anthology

YouTube: Stump Charlton Heston (frenchaccent)
Nach diversen Experimenten bin ich wieder bei Tt-rss: WikiStart - Tiny Tiny RSS
... und verstehe nicht mehr wirklich weshalb ich das mal in die Tonne gekloppt hatte ...
Pitchfork: Tricky Announces New Album Adrian Thaws , Shares "Nicotine Love"

Trip-hop innovator Tricky has announced his 11th album, Adrian Thaws. That's the cover art above. It's out September 8 via his False Idols label, and follows 2013's False Idols. It was recorded at Tricky's home studio in London, and is, technically, a self-titled record. (Tricky's birth name is Adrian Thaws.)
RIP The Bravest Man in the Universe

Npr: Soul Singer Bobby Womack Dies At 70 (Scott Neuman)

Legendary soul singer Bobby Womack, who rose to prominence with such hits as "Lookin' For A Love" and "That's The Way I Feel About 'Cha," died Friday at age 70, his publicist says.
Radiohead Drummer Philip Selway Shares New Song "Coming Up For Air"
From the forthcoming album "Weatherhouse"
SoundCloud: Philip Selway - Coming Up For Air by Bella Union (Bella Union)
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After last git pull I got poller.php cron errors:

PHP Warning: mkdir(): File exists in /var/www/virtual/html/boot.php on line 2245
PHP Warning: mkdir(): File exists in /var/www/virtual/html/boot.php on line 2226

What to do?
AppNet Account gelöscht ... hab ich eh nie benutzt.
Thequietus: The Quietus | News | LISTEN: Stream Rival Sons' New Album

Hear Great Western Valkyrie, fresh on the shelves this week, in full
Pitchfork: Flaming Lips Members Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd Announce New Album as Electric Würms, Share First Single

The six-song LP, Musik, Die Shwer Zu Twerk, is out August 19th

......... "Electric Würms" :like :-)
Thequietus: The Quietus | News | LISTEN: New Death Grips Album

Band release niggas on the moon - "featuring Björk" - the first half of a double album, the powers that b, for free.

Death Grips have just surprise-released a new album, niggas on the moon, which they're streaming in full via SoundCloud (listen above). It's also available to download from their Facebook and apparently features Björk across all eight tracks. It's their follow-up to last year's Government Plates, also released as a free download, and is part one of a double LP, the powers that b, they're putting out this year. The second part will be called jenny death and the whole thing will be released on Harvest/Third Worlds Records.


Mega: MEGA
Sueddeutsche: NSA-Affäre: Zitate deutscher Politiker (Profil auf Google Plus)

In der NSA-Affäre klangen deutsche Politiker wie Merkel, Friedrich oder Pofalla häufig wie der französische Schauspieler Louis de Funès.
Pennystocks: In the last 30 seconds there were 1,565,880 Facebook likes.

From tweets to likes, see how fast data is generated every second on the internet in this interactive visualization.

... so ... _this_ is the internet?
Carta: Erster Snowden-Jahrestag: Alles super! (Anne Korn)

Die Autorin träumt von der lückenlosen NSA-Aufklärung - und glaubt, es hackt.

Schöne allgemein verständliche Zusammenfassung zu allem was bisher passiert bzw nicht passiert ist.
Npr: Juana Molina: Tiny Desk Concert (Bob Boilen)

Molina sounds as if she'd been raised by wolves and discovered the world of music on her own. She takes familiar elements and renders them bewildering, attractive and polished.
Heise: BND will Echtzeit-Überwachung sozialer Netzwerke

Der BND möchte laut Bericht der Süddeutschen Zeitung in großem Stile Twitter, Facebook und Co. in Echtzeit abschnorcheln. Außerdem möchte der Geheimdienst Metadaten sammeln und Softwarelücken ausnutzen dürfen. ...

Chemikal: The Phantom Band 'Strange Friend'

The Phantom Band are back with their third long player 'Strange Friend', due for release on the 2nd of June and the loooong-awaited follow-up to 2010's ''The Wants'.  It's great to finally have all the strange and exotic sounds that have been emanating from their rehearsal room (next door to our office) these past gazillion months transform themselves into the 9 track aural extravaganza that's listed below. ...
1. The Wind That Cried The World
2. Clapshot
3. Doom Patrol
4. Atacama
5. (Invisible) Friends
6. Sweatbox
7. No Shoes Blues
8. Women Of Ghent
9. Galápagos


Great band, great album.
Google Search removal request under European Data Protection law
Google: Entfernen von Inhalten aus Google - Legal-Hilfe

A recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union found that certain users can ask search engines to remove results for queries that include their name where those results are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.” In implementing this decision, we will...
Zdf: ZDFzoom - ZDFmediathek - ZDF Mediathek

ZDFzoom - Verschwörung gegen die Freiheit (1)
Die Dokumentation von Elmar Theveßen deckt das Ausmaß der Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Geheimdiensten und den Branchenriesen der Telekommunikations- und Computerbranche auf.

Gute Sendung eben auf dem ZDF. Teil 2 morgen.
Npr: First Listen: Meshell Ndegeocello, 'Comet, Come To Me'


... Comet, Come to Me is one of those rich works that keeps changing inside the listener's head — an often-quiet set of songs with intense staying power. Patterns on top of patterns: Consciousness itself could be described that way. This album is like an ever-expanding slice of that infinite human resource. ...

Pitchfork: Die Antwoord Announce New Album Donker Mag, Share Disgusting "Pitbull Terrier" Video

Die Antwoord | Pitbull Terrier
return with new album Donker Mag, out June 3 via Zef Recordz.
Album includes such song titles as "Happy Go Sucky Fucky", "Raging Zef Boner", and "Girl I Want 2 Eat U".
Arte: The Notwist im Pariser Konzertclub „Divan du Monde"

Endlich unterbrechen The Notwist die seit 2009 andauernde Funkstille! Nach diskreten Anfängen als Metal-Rock-Schülerband in den 1990er-Jahren hat sich die Formation aus Oberbayern von kreischenden Gitarren wegentwickelt und ist inzwischen fest in der Independent-Rockszene etabliert. Als Martin Gretschmann dazustieß, hielten auch Pop- und Elektronikelemente ...

Am 14.Juni bin ich mit meiner kleinen Krachkapelle Diechinesischenglueckskekse: Die Chinesischen Glückskekse
in München (Strom) anzutreffen, falls jemand eine gute Portion flachen Humor und laute Musik braucht: ich freue mich auf euren Besuch :-)

Strom-muenchen: STROM - Programm


Einlass 20.30 Uhr | Beginn 21.30 Uhr
Die Chinesischen Glückskekse + Support live

Schnauze voll von dem professionellen Lack, mit dem der gute alte Psychobilly gern mal wieder zum Style aufpoliert wird? Die chinesischen Glückskekse aus Köln rubbeln den Quatsch mit punkigem Rotz nachhaltig wieder r
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Tolles Wetter, alles "direkt vor der Haustür", dann mal hin da.
Seit 2002 gibt es in der Landeshauptstadt regelmäßig im Mai bzw. Juni einen Japan-Tag. Er hat sich zu einem der beliebtesten Düsseldorfer Ereignisse entwickelt. Im Rahmen eines deutsch-japanischen Begegnungsfestes bringen die in Düsseldorf lebenden Japaner den Besuchern die Kultur ihrer Heimat nahe. Kimono-Anproben, Kalligraphie, Samurai- und Musikgruppen gehören dabei zu den regelmäßigen Höhepunkten. Krönender Abschluss ist traditionell das große japanische Feuerwerk, für das eigens ein Pyrotechniker mit speziellen Feuerwerkskörpern aus Japan anreist.
Man ist sich näher gekommen in den Jahrzehnten der wachsenden Zusammenarbeit. Der Begriff von "Japans Hauptstadt am Rhein" hat sich längst mit Leben gefüllt.

Mailbox: „E-Mail made in Germany" verhindert systematisch Teilnahme anderer Provider

Öffentlich rühmt sich die Initiative „E-Mail made in Germany“, die von T-Online, United Internet (, GMX) und Freenet betrieben wird, mit dem Aufbau eines sicheren Mailverkehrs zwischen deutschen Providern. Doch in der Realität wird die Teilnahme anderer Anbieter systematisch verhindert. Seit über einem halben Jahr wird unser Antrag au...
Pitchfork: Anna Calvi Covers FKA Twigs' "Papi Pacify" on Covers EP Featuring David Byrne

EP includes covers of Suicide, Connan Mockasin, David Bowie

British singer-songwriter Anna Calvi has announced Strange Weather, a new covers EP. The follow up to her last album One Breath includes a recording of the great FKA twigs track "Papi Pacify".

And now for something completely different:

Npr: First Listen: Pasatono Orquesta, 'Maroma' (Felix Contreras)


The Mexican roots band's new album is dedicated to the music of 19th-century one-man circuses. A true melting pot, Maroma draws on everything from polkas and mambos to Dixieland jazz.
Nybooks: 'We Kill People Based on Metadata'

A bill to rein in NSA spying on Americans’ metadata is an important first step, but it addresses only one part of the NSA’s surveillance activities.

Supporters of the National Security Agency inevitably defend its sweeping collection of phone and Internet records on the ground that it is only collecting so-called “metadata”—who you call, when you call, how long you talk. Since this does not include the actual content of the communications, the threat to privacy is said to be negligible. That argument is profoundly misleading.

Of course knowing the content of a call can be crucial to establishing a particular threat. But metadata alone can provide an extremely detailed picture of a person’s most intimate associations and interests, and it’s actually much easier as a technological matter to search huge
... show more
Seltsam, ich kann das network-Tab nicht mehr aufrufen, rödelt nur rum und irgendwann gibts nen Timeout. Alles andere funktioniert ...
Hat das noch wer?
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Posteo: E-Mail grün, sicher, einfach und werbefrei - - Transparenzbericht 2013

Hintergrundinformationen und häufige Fragen Allgemein: Warum veröffentlicht Posteo einen Transparenzbericht? Warum hat Posteo bisher keinen Transparenzbericht veröffentlicht? Deckt der Bericht alle bisherigen Auskunftsersuchen ab? Warum sollte eine Behörde Nutzerdaten bei einem E-Mailprovider abfragen? Was unternimmt Posteo bei Behördenanfragen? Geht Posteo rechtlich gegen unrechtmäßige Ersuchen vor? Wie oft hat Posteo bisher Daten an berechtigte Behörden übergeben?
Swans' new album, To Be Kind, comes out May 13.

Npr: First Listen: Swans, 'To Be Kind'


Only on occasion does it make sense to praise music as scary, and somehow many of those occasions coincide with Swans sending new sounds out into the world.
Eff: Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.
Marcuswiebusch: Marcus Wiebusch Startseite

Marcus Wiebusch macht ein Solo-Album.

... und das ist ein ziemlich gutes Album!
Sueddeutsche: Bundesregierung lehnt Vernehmung von Edward Snowden ab

Die Frage, ob der Ex-Geheimdienstmitarbeiter Snowden nach Deutschland kommt, um im NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss auszusagen, ist geklärt. Die Bundesregierung hat sich dagegen ausgesprochen.

Die Bundesregierung lehnt eine Vernehmung von Edward Snowden in Deutschland ab. In einer Stellungnahme für den NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss begründen das Kanzleramt und die beteiligten Ministerien dies mit einer Gefährdung des "Staatswohls". Die Beziehungen zu Amerika seien wirtschafts,- außen- und sicherheitspolitisch von herausragender Bedeutung, den Whistleblower auf deutschem Boden zu vernehmen könne zu "schweren und dauerhaften Belastungen" führen, heißt es im finalen Entwurf des Schreibens an die Ausschussmitglieder.

Das "Staatswohl" ... ... unfassbar diese Verlogenheit.

BandCamp: Sing About Me, by Cassie

5 track album
Cassie is a post-rock / indie band from Finland. Our music consists of beauty, big sounds and even bigger feelings.

Xkcd: xkcd: Google Announcement

The less popular is slated for discontinuation.

Na bitte, mobil geht auch (wieder)
Digital-test: Digital Test: Wie digital bist du? Mach jetzt den Test!

Mache jetzt den 30-Sekunden-Test und finde heraus, ob du noch Mensch oder schon Maschine bist.
Pitchfork: Stream Pixies' New Album Indie Cindy

Pixies are set to release Indie Cindy, their first studio album since 1991's Trompe Le Monde, on April 29 via Pixiesmusic. It comprises EP-1, EP-2, and EP-3, all of which were released within the last year and recorded without original member Kim Deal. Now, the whole thing is streaming over at The Guardian. You can listen to it below. They've also released another new song, "Women of War", as a surprise on Record Store Day, which you can listen to above.
Former bassists Kim Deal and Kim Shattuck, as well as current touring bassist Paz Lenchantin, do not appear on the album. The trio of Black Francis, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering was joined by bassist "Ding", aka Simon Archer, for the recording.
The tracks were produced by Gil Norton, who also produced Doolittle, Bossanova, andTrompe Le Monde.
Thequietus: The Quietus | News | LISTEN: Gemma Ray & Alan Vega RSD Collab

Stream Motorbike featuring the Suicide man from Ray's ace Death Disc 7

One of the slabs tQ is most looking forward to picking up today is Gemma Ray's 'Death Disc', featuring a couple of newly-penned teenage tragedy songs, 'Motorbike' and 'Waving At Mirrors', with the former aided and abetted by Alan Vega of Suicide no less. ...

... wow!
Pitchfork: The Top 25 Releases of Record Store Day 2014

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, the annual holiday celebrating the independent record store. To mark the occasion, artists and labels will once again share special releases available exclusively at indie stores around the world. The full list of releases is very long ...
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